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Animeflix is the website to enjoy great online anime series. Here, you can watch and download all anime series and movies for FREE! We have all anime in full 480p, 720p, 1080p HD, for all popular genres, including Action, Comedy, Devil, Drama, History, Romance, Samurai, Shoujo Ai, School, Supernatural Shounen, and so on. Now you don’t have to wait for too long since all the latest anime episodes are instantly updated on our site. Most of the series are in Japanese with English subtitles. If you are an international fan, you can still enjoy them in the English subtitles and dub.

Watch Anime Online Free

We started Animeflix at the beginning of 2016 tending to bring the latest high-quality anime series to all audiences all around the world. All series in our database are in HD format and can be downloaded at a fast speed from third-party server options like Vidstream, mp4upload, Streamtape, Mycloud… for more reasonable choices.

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You can start enjoying your anime simply by typing its name on the search box. There is no registration or personal information needed. You can also choose your preferred sub and dub versions to watch your favorite anime series without downloading them to your devices. When the first 9 anime was down, poor quality copies were trying to assemble us. So to avoid losing your personal data and get the best of your online anime streaming experience, you should visit our official website.

Why choose Animeflix?

Official Animeflix internet site regularly adjust its URLs to maintain itself from being shut down. Numerous different and imitative sites use extremely comparable domains. Animeflix app has several capabilities, and Animeflix functions provide the first-rate first-class application, making it very famous worldwide very quickly. It is a type of site that offers free online anime streaming. Watch Anime from your preferred listing. You could find diverse new releases, units of anime movies, styles of Anime, heaps of anime choice, anime episodes online streaming, and plenty of more through Animeflix. You may download load Animeflix official website to begin online streaming. In case you are an anime fan, this portion is for you.

Is Animeflix a Legal Anime Online Site?

Viewing above Animeflix is technically not illegal in the United States. If you are streaming or downloading anime from our website, you are also not violating the copyright rules as long as for your personal consumption purpose because:
  • Our website follows Title II (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). We respect all rights of copyright owners.
  • We don’t store any copyrighted anime on direct hosting. All anime you are streaming or downloading on Animeflix are stored on Openload and Google servers.
  • All of our anime are prohibited for redistribution or commercial purposes. So if a video is only used for personal consumption, it still follows copyright law.

Is It Safe to Watch Anime Online on Animeflix?

You can enjoy your anime time at Animeflix without worrying about any risks. We don’t ask you to provide any personal information like your credit card information, home address, email address, or mobile phone number. In other words, there is no registration needed to start viewing or downloading your favorite anime series here. We don’t share any of your data with third-party services while you are using this website. is also free from any virus and safe to download. If you see any virus infection pop-ups on your devices, please don’t click on them. There are merely ads. However, there are many websites mirroring, and they are not safe. Anime episodes can contain harmful software or Trojans to harm your devices and steal your information. Hence, please use the Animeflix real domain to protect yourself.

Which is the Real Website of Animeflix? is the official website of Animeflix domain and the only online address. If you find any similar anime streaming platform that looks like us, they are all fake. Up till now, this website doesn’t have an app for mobile devices. You can stream anime on your computer and mobile without any Animeflix apps, provided you have a good Internet connection. All the anime on nine anime are lightweight and can be viewed smoothly with no interruption or crash. Accessing or downloading anime from a fake Animeflix site can lead to possible harm for your device or even personal information loss. To avoid those problems, please visit the only official website, for a risk-free experience. You can also bookmark our site on your web browser for further access. If you see any of the following signs when trying to access a this website, it might be a mirror website:
  • The website forces you to download or open an unknown software to start viewing or downloading anime videos;
  • There is always a separate tab automatically opening when you use the website;
  • You have to run a rar, zip, exe, or zip file before streaming an anime video;
  • You see annoying notifications or pop-ups when watching anime.
If you are experiencing those problems, please exit that website immediately as it’s a fake version, and it isn’t safe at all.

Common Problems When Using 9 anime is a stable website, but when it works, it will also encounter some technical problems or too many visitors. Here are some common problems and how to fix it:
  1. Can't full screen play videos. Many reasons lead to this problem. You can try to refresh the website or update to the latest version of your web browser. If you are using an adblocker extension, you can try to disable it, then refresh the website again to see if you can watch your anime or not.
  2. Can't play video? Please try the following methods if you can’t play a video:
    • Check the server status and switch to an available server;
    • Clear your web browser’s cookies and caches;
    • Disable ad blocker extensions on your web browser;
    • Switch to another (common) browser like Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox;
    • Update and restart your web browser to prevent bugs or crashes;
    • Stream or download anime with a faster internet connection.
  3. Can't see episodes on If you notice any missing episode list and button, please report, we will fix it as soon as possible.

Outstanding Features of Animeflix

There are a lot of free anime watch websites out there, but 9 anime has always been a favorite. The following characteristics make it to be the worldwide recognized address for any anime:
  • Latest, high quality anime: We manually selected only HD videos with English subtitles and dubs to bring you a smooth experience watching your favorite series online, full HD. New anime episodes are continuously updated so that you don’t have to wait for too long!
  • No waste time downloading anime: Now, you don’t need to download anime for offline watching. Just go to our official Animeflix website, to watch the latest anime episodes online for FREE. Fast anime load time.
  • Reduce your entertainment cost: While other online streaming services like Netflix or Crunchyroll are expensive, Animeflix is free. No membership cost and no need to purchase each anime series, no registration. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection.
  • Unlimited access to your favorite anime: You can always enjoy your favorite anime anytime, anywhere, with your friends or at home alone. Just type its name in the search box, and start to explore this endless heaven for anime fans.
  • Cross-device experience: You can watch anime on phones, laptops, or other devices as long as you have a good Internet connection.

Why Animeflix is not accessible, is Animeflix shutdown?

Most free anime can't live long, Animeflix is not immune to this either. Originally Animeflix was called Animeflix to provide anime as safe and free TV full Sub and Dub. The process was so fast that the first domain was inaccessible, but we fixed it by creating a more secure anime viewing platform. Ensuring anime-loving users have a sustainable place to watch anime.

Can't Access Animeflix and Ways to Fix

Rarely Animeflix has access problems, all countries to access without being blocked. In the rare case, if it still doesn't work. Try safety measures such as using a VPN, changing web browsers, or clearing the cookies and caches in your web browser.

Does Animeflix Have a New Website?

You can Open this link Animeflix, where you can watch anime Eng Sub and Dub. Fake websites are trying to imitate Animeflix in any way.
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